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Aug 21, 2015: The official program brochure is now also available for download.
Aug 19, 2015: Check out the updated program schedule!
Aug 4, 2015: The list of accepted short papers is now available. Also, 23 posters (40%) have been accepted to RecSys 2015.
July 31, 2015: At this year’s conference, authors of short papers and demos will explain the main idea of their contributions in a slam session.
July 27, 2015: The program schedule is now updated with the paper sessions. Also, have a look at the complete list of accepted papers.
July 20, 2015: The list of participants for the RecSys 2015 Doctoral Symposium is now online.
July 14, 2015: Enjoy some sightseeing in Vienna when visiting RecSys 2015.
June 29, 2015: 28 long papers (21%) and 22 short papers (26%) have been accepted for RecSys 2015. More details to follow!
June 29, 2015: Oliviero Stock (FBK-IRST, Italy) and Igor Perisic (LinkedIn, USA) will be the keynote speakers at RecSys 2015.
June 24, 2015: Registration for RecSys 2015 is now open!
June 23, 2015: We are happy to announce this year’s tutorials.
June 12, 2015: RecSys 2015 will again feature some exciting industry sessions – check out the updated program schedule!
June 05, 2015: Booking for the featured conference hotel is now available!
Apr 9, 2015: Information about the workshops at RecSys 2015 are available now!
Apr 1, 2015: Find out more about Vienna, the Conference Venue and how to get there!
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