The workshops will take place on September 25 and 26 after the main conference. More information and a detailed workshop schedule can be found in the program.

List of Workshops
  • CARS: Workshop on Context-Aware Recommender Systems
  • ComplexRec: Workshop on Recommendation in Complex Environments
  • FAccTRec: Workshop on Responsible Recommendation
  • fashionXrecsys: Workshop on Recommender Systems in Fashion and Retail
  • HealthRecSys: Workshop on Health Recommender Systems
  • ImpactRS: Workshop on the Impact of Recommender Systems
  • IntRS: Joint Workshop on Interfaces and Human Decision Making for Recommender Systems
  • OHARS: Workshop on Online Misinformation- and Harm-Aware Recommender Systems
  • ORSUM: Workshop on Online Recommender Systems and User Modeling
  • PodRecs: Workshop on Podcast Recommendations
  • REVEAL: Workshop on Bandit and Reinforcement Learning from User Interactions
  • RecSys Challenge 2020 Workshop
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