Elizabeth F. Churchill

Keynote 1

by Elizabeth F. Churchill (Google, USA)

Elizabeth Churchill is a Director of User Experience at Google. Her field of study is Human Computer Interaction and User Experience, with a current focus on the design of effective designer and developer tools.
Elizabeth has built research groups and led research in a number of well known companies, including as Director of Human Computer Interaction at eBay Research Labs in San Jose, CA, as a Principal Research Scientist and Research Manager at Yahoo! in Santa Clara, CA and as a Senior Scientist at PARC and before that at FXPAL, Fuji Xerox’s Research lab in Silicon Valley.
Working across a number of research areas, she has published research, patented prototypes, and taught courses at a number of universities. She has more than 50 patents granted or pending, 7 academic books, and over 100 publications in theoretical and applied psychology, cognitive science, human-computer interaction, mobile and ubiquitous computing, computer mediated communication and social media. In 2016, she received the Citris-Banatao Institute Athena Award for Executive Leadership.
The current Secretary/Treasurer and incoming Vice President of the ACM, Churchill served as on the Executive Committee of the ACM’s Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI), for 8 years, 6 years of those as Executive Vice President and 2 as Vice President for Chapters. She has also held leadership committee positions on a number of ACM SIGCHI associated conferences. Elizabeth is a Distinguished Scientist and Distinguished Speaker of the ACM, and a member of the SIGCHI Academy.

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