Industry Session 2: Generic Platforms and Location-based Application Domains

Date: Friday, Sept 18, 2015, 14:00-16:00
Location: HS 1
Chair: Werner Geyer

Romain Lerallut

Large-Scale Real-Time Product Recommendation At Criteo

by Romain Lerallut (Criteo)

Performance retargeting consists of displaying online advertisements that are personalized according to each user’s browsing history. Criteo’s recommender system chooses a dozen relevant products from over two billion candidates in a few milliseconds, not only for their click performance but also for their probability to generate a sale. In this talk, we will expose how to build such a system through a combination of offline and real-time computations, and the challenges of evolving it when regular A/B testing no longer suffices.

About the Speaker

Romain Lerallut is a Senior Engineering Manager at Criteo in the Engine department, in charge of applying large-scale machine learning algorithms to actual problems such as product recommendation or graphical layout optimization. Romain has been working on building up the Engine since 2011, first as devlead and then as manager. Before joining Criteo, he was teaching computers how to read cursive handwriting at A2iA. He has an engineering degree from “Ecole des Ponts-Paristech” and a PhD in Computer Science from “Ecoles des Mines-Paristech”.


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