Industry Session 1: Media and TV, People and Skills

Date: Thursday, Sept 17, 2015, 14:00-16:00
Location: HS 1
Chair: Domonkos Tikk
Supported by Netflix

Pancrazio Auteri

Personalized Catch-up & DVR: VOD or Linear, That is the Question

by Pancrazio Auteri (Moviri/ContentWise)

The expansion of TV services such as DVR and, more recently, Catch-up have removed the temporal constraint typical of Linear “appointment” TV enabling users to watch content they love at any time and on-demand. However, the DVR and Catch-up TV libraries, while providing a convenient time-shifted “on-demand” consumption, are indeed composed by content previously aired on the Linear TV, so that they have more in common with Linear TV than they have with VOD.

In this talk we will present and discuss the main challenges and some possible solutions to personalize the user experience with content from DVR and Catch-up TV, such as:

  1. The consumption pattern is strongly affected by the context (e.g., time and device used to access the video service).
  2. Some content is consumed serially and follows seasonal dynamics (e.g., TV Series).
  3. The system is fed with a massive and very dynamic stream of data (e.g., new content right after broadcast, signals of user interactions).
  4. The same piece of content may coexist across multiple services provided by the same operator (e.g., linear schedule, network-DVR, Catch-up TV, subscription VOD, rental VOD).
About the Speaker

Pancrazio is CTO at ContentWise, focusing on personalization and analytics. Before joining ContentWise, Pancrazio was at TiVo as director of product management for VOD, metadata, TV Everywhere and third-party content apps. With a background of intranet design, digital television and analytics, he spent the last decade at the intersection of Internet and TV, leading the Italian team that in 2007 introduced the first digital terrestrial Internet-DVR featuring HTML apps. In 2011 Pancrazio moved to California to drive the multi-screen and big data evolution of a leading IPTV platform. In his spare time you can find him hacking local ingredients to cook Sicilian food.


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