Doctoral Symposium

sponsored by NSF

  • Matthias Braunhofer:
    Hybridisation Techniques for Cold-Starting Context-Aware Recommender Systems
  • Evangelia Christakopoulou:
    Moving beyond Linearity and Independence in Top-N Recommender Systems
  • Betty Mayeku:
    Enhancing Personalization and Learner Engagement through Context-aware Recommendation in TEL
  • Tien T. Nguyen:
    Improving Recommender Systems: User Roles and Lifecycles
  • Amit Sharma:
    Modeling the Effect of People’s Preferences and Social Forces on Adopting and Sharing Items
  • Martin Stettinger:
    Choicla: Towards Domain-Independent Decision Support for Groups of Users
  • Fatemeh Vahedian:
    Weighted Hybrid Recommendation for Heterogeneous Networks
  • Yongfeng Zhang:
    Browser-Oriented Universal Cross-Site Recommendation and Explanation based on User Browsing Logs
  • Yong Zheng:
    Deviation-based and Similarity-based Contextual SLIM Recommendation Algorithms

Oct 10, 9.00 – 17.30


Yale Room

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