Workshop on Recommender Systems and the Social Web

The Social Web has been enjoying huge popularity in recent years, attracting millions of visitors on sites such as Facebook, Delicious, YouTube. We are no longer mere consumers of information, but we also actively participate in social networks, upload our personal images, share our bookmarks, write web logs and annotate and comment on the information provided by others. This Social Web provides huge opportunities for recommender technology and in turn recommender technologies can play a part in fuelling the success of the Social Web phenomenon as new application reas for RS technology emerge, new sources of knowledge for RS become available, and richer user Web interfaces are possible.

The goal of this workshop was to explore, discuss, and understand new opportunities for recommender systems and the Social Web.

  • Dietmar Jannach (TU Dortmund, Germany)
  • Werner Geyer (IBM Research,USA)
  • Jill Freyne (CSIRO, Australia)
  • Sarabjot Singh Anand (University of Warwick, UK)
  • Casey Dugan (IBM Research, USA)
  • Bamshad Mobasher (DePaul University, USA)
  • Alfred Kobsa (UC Irvine, USA)
Workshop Date

October 25, 2009

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