CORP ’09

1st Workshop on Recommendation-based Industrial Applications

Recommender systems help users to deal with large information systems by assisting them in their decision-making processes. Recommender systems have been applied to real industry software systems very successfully in a variety of domains. One of the most exciting characteristics of recommender systems is that they combine interest from the industry and businesses while posing very interesting research challenges. This workshop aims at bringing the gap between academic researchers and industry practitioners on the area of Recommender Systems. We are interested both in research work that faces real industry problems, and in industry cases that create research challenges. A main goal of the workshop was to promote the discussion among the academic researchers and industry practitioners, so the format of the workshop combined formal paper presentations with open discussion sessions.

  • Alejandro Jaimes (Telefonica I+D)
  • Marc Torrens (Strands Labs, SA.)
Workshop Date

October 25, 2009