Workshop on Recommender Technologies for Lifestyle Change

In today’s society, particularly in the affluent society, lifestyle is influenced by technology and the abundance of financial resources. For instance, a large variety of computer games are heavily used and people often travels by individualized transportation means, such as car, just for fun. The idea that technique and money can buy anything spreads also to health management: people believe that nowadays medical knowledge can be immediately applicable in case of illness, as technical knowledge can be used for repairing a broken car.

This results in lifestyles that do not care about the negative long-terms effects on the environment, but also on each individual person. The most prominent example of this is represented by various types of chronic illnesses in developed countries that result from poor lifestyle choices.

In this context, the aim of this workshop is to explore possibilities for recommender systems to support users in taking decisions related to various aspects of their lifestyle; we call them Lifestyle Change Recommender Systems (LSCRS). There are three main challenges for LSCRSs: firstly, such systems have to assess the user’s context for delivering such recommendations. Secondly, in order to promote any change in the lifestyle of the user, they have to recommend a tailored sequence of items, mostly actions, taking into account the dependencies between items and the effects of each item recommendation. Thirdly, the systems have to be defined in a way that favors the user’s continuous attention, and allows to explain the reasons for the change in the user’s future behaviour, and to communicate the changes already effectuated.

Workshop Date

September 13, 2012 (half day, p.m.)

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