RecSysTEL ’10

1st Workshop on Recommender Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning

Technology enhanced learning (TEL) aims to design, develop and test socio-technical innovations that will support and enhance learning practices of both individuals and organisations. It is therefore an application domain that generally covers technologies that support all forms of teaching and learning activities. Since information retrieval (in terms of searching for relevant learning resources to support teachers or learners) is a pivotal activity in TEL, the deployment of recommender systems has attracted increased interest. Recommendation methods, techniques and systems open an interesting new approach to facilitate and support learning and teaching. The challenge is to develop, deploy and evaluate systems that provide learners and teachers with meaningful guidance in order to help identify suitable learning resources from a potentially overwhelming variety of choices.

The aim of the RecSysTEL Workshop was to bring together researchers and practitioners that are working on topics related to the design, development and testing of recommender systems in TEL, as well as present the current status of research in this area to interested researchers and practitioners. It has been jointly hosted by the ACM Recommender Systems Conference 2010 (RecSys 2010) and the 5th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2010). It aimed to create cross-disciplinary liaisons between the RecSys and EC-TEL communities, and served as a discussion forum where researchers presented the results of their work.

Overall, it aimed to outline the rich potential of TEL as an application area for recommender systems, as well as exposed participants to the challenges of developing such systems in a TEL context.

  • Nikos Manouselis
  • Hendrik Drachsler
  • Katrien Verbert
  • Olga C. Santos
Workshop Date

September 30, 2010

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