CARS ’10

2nd Workshop on Context-Aware Recommender Systems

The importance of contextual information has been recognized by researchers and practitioners in many disciplines, including e-commerce, personalization, information retrieval, ubiquitous and mobile computing, data mining, marketing, and management. While a substantial research has already been performed in the area of recommender systems, the vast majority of existing approaches focuses on recommending the most relevant items to users and does not take into account additional contextual information, such as time, location, weather, or the company of other people. Therefore, this joint workshop and challenge aim to bring together researchers with wide-ranging backgrounds to identify important research questions, to exchange ideas from different research disciplines, and, more generally, to facilitate discussion and innovation in the area of context-aware recommender systems (CARS) and tackle practical challenges of context-aware movie recommendation (CAMRa).

CARS-2010 has been built on the success of the first Workshop on Context-Aware Recommender Systems (CARS-2009) and focused on the general issues encountered in context-aware recommendations, including novel research approaches, promising research directions, and important practical applications.

  • Gediminas Adomavicius
  • Alexander Tuzhilin
Workshop Date

September 26, 2010

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