RecSys Challenge 2024

The RecSys 2024 Challenge will be organized by Johannes Kruse and Kasper Lindskow (Ekstra Bladet), Anshuk Uppal, Michael Riis Andersen, and Jes Frellsen (Technical University of Denmark), Marco Polignano (University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy), Claudio Pomo (Politecnico di Bari, Italy), and Abhishek Srivastava (IIM Visakhapatnam, India) based on the data provided by Ekstra Bladet.

This year’s challenge focuses on online news recommendation, addressing both the technical and normative challenges inherent in the design of effective and responsible recommender systems for news publishing. The challenge will delve into the unique aspects of news recommendation. These include modeling user preferences based on implicit behavior, accounting for the influence of the news agenda on user interests, and managing the rapid decay of news items. Furthermore, our challenge also embraces the normative complexities. These involve investigating the effects of recommender systems on the news flow, and whether they resonate with editorial values. By providing participants with a comprehensive dataset and a robust news recommendation evaluation framework, our goal is to tackle these multifaceted challenges head-on. As part of the challenge, Ekstra Bladet will be releasing an anonymized dataset with approximately 2 million random users who engaged with over a six-week period.

A detailed description of the challenge is available on the website of the RecSys Challenge 2024. Accepted contributions will be presented at the RecSys Challenge Workshop during the 18th ACM Recommender Systems Conference in October 2024 in Bari, Italy.

Challenge Organizers

Call for Sponsorship RecSys Challenge 2025

The RecSys Challenge 2025 will provide an unparalleled opportunity for participants to demonstrate their expertise in the Recommender Systems field. It will attract a diverse group of professionals, researchers, and students worldwide. By sponsoring this event, a company will have the unique opportunity to showcase its support for advancing the knowledge in RecSys, actively supporting the whole community while also gaining exposure to a global audience of industry leaders and decision-makers. In addition to the visibility and brand exposure, your sponsorship will demonstrate your company’s commitment to fostering talent and innovation within the industry. Furthermore, it will provide an excellent platform to network with key stakeholders, potential partners, and top talent in the field.

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