Women in RecSys


The “Women in RecSys” tradition started in 2014 to foster diversity in the RecSys community. This year we offer three different ways to come together both as the whole RecSys community to celebrate female RecSys role models and in the form of both physical and virtual networking meetings for women of the community.

This year will be the second time we award up to six “Women in RecSys Journal Paper of the Year Awards”. See the respective tab for more details on the submission criteria. This award will come with a free RecSys registration and the opportunity to provide the respective journal paper at the main conference.

Our “Women in RecSys Keynote Series” starts already on August 23rd and gives insights into the career paths and the current RecSys challenges of our speakers. We invite everyone to join and enjoy both talks and discussions.

The traditional “Women in RecSys Breakfast” will take place on Tuesday, September 21st, for any women attending RecSys physically in Singapore. The event provides an opportunity for women to share the challenges and successes of working within our community and to exchange experiences with one another.

This year’s events are co-hosted by Julia Neidhardt (TU Wien, Austria), Özlem Özgöbek (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway), Hanna Hauptmann (Utrecht University, Netherlands), and Ashmi Banerjee (TU Munich, Germany). Details on the individual events are provided in the following tabs.

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