From Documents to Dialogues: How LLMs are Shaping the Future of Work


The future of work is changing rapidly, with knowledge increasingly embedded in conversations rather than documents. In this keynote, I will explore how large language models (LLMs) can boost people’s productivity and creativity by generating natural language suggestions and feedback that align with their context and intent. To do this effectively, LLMs need to be able to leverage relevant content from various sources to ground their responses. People also need to learn new conversational patterns that elicit the full value of LLMs, as the ones that work well among people may not be optimal for LLMs. I will discuss the importance of prompt engineering in productivity contexts, and highlight the value in being able to identify and recommend conversational templates. By leaning into these research topics, there is an opportunity for the Recommender System community to create a new – and better – future of work.

About the speaker

Jaime Teevan is Chief Scientist and Technical Fellow at Microsoft, where she is responsible for driving research-backed innovation in the company’s core products. Jaime is an advocate for finding smarter ways for people to make the most of their time. She leads Microsoft’s future of work initiative, which explores how everything from AI to hybrid work changes the way people get things done. Previously she was Technical Advisor to CEO Satya Nadella and led the Productivity team at Microsoft Research. Jaime is an ACM Fellow and a member of the ACM SIGIR and SIGCHI Academies, and has received the TR35, BECA, and Karen Spärck Jones awards. She holds a Ph.D. in AI from MIT and a B.S. from Yale, and is an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington.

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