Accepted Contributions

List of all demos accepted for RecSys 2020 (in alphabetical order).

  • A Federated Recommender System for Online Services
    Ben Tan, Bo Liu, Vincent Zheng, Qiang Yang
  • AutoRec: An Automated Recommender System
    Ting-Hsiang Wang, Xia Hu, Haifeng Jin, Qingquan Song, Xiaotian Han, Zirui Liu
  • Auto-Surprise: An Automated Recommender-System (AutoRecSys) Library with Tree of Parzens Estimator (TPE) Optimization
    Rohan Anand, Joeran Beel
  • BETA-Rec: Build, Evaluate and Tune Automated Recommender Systems
    Zaiqiao Meng, Richard McCreadie, Craig Macdonald, Iadh Ounis, Shangsong Liang, Siwei Liu, Guangtao Zeng, Junhua Liang, Yucheng Liang, Qiang Zhang, Yaxiong Wu
  • Demonstrating Principled Uncertainty Modeling for Recommender Ecosystems with RecSim NG
    Martin Mladenov, Chih-wei Hsu, Vihan Jain, Eugene Ie, Christopher Colby, Nicolas Mayoraz, Hubert Pham, Dustin Tran, Ivan Vendrov, Craig Boutilier
  • Fairness-aware Recommendation with librec-auto
    Nasim Sonboli, Robin Burke, Zijun Liu, Masoud Mansoury
  • PicTouRe – A Picture-Based Tourism Recommender
    Mete Sertkan, Julia Neidhardt, Hannes Werthner
  • A Central Platform for the Recommender-System Community
    Joeran Beel
  • VMI-PSL: Visual Model Inspector for Probabilistic Soft Logic
    Aaron Rodden, Tarun Salh, Eriq Augustine, Lise Getoor