RecSys Challenge 2017

The RecSys Challenge 2017 is organized by XING, Politecnico Milano and Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. XING is a social network for business. People use XING, for example, to find a job and recruiters use XING to find the right candidate for a job. At the moment, XING has more than 18 million users and typically around 1 million active job postings on the platform.

This year’s edition of the RecSys Challenge aims to better connect job seekers and recruiters via job recommendations. The challenge is focusing on the problem of job recommendations on XING in a cold-start scenario. The challenge will consists of two phases:

  • Offline evaluation: fixed historic dataset and fixed targets for which recommendations/ solutions need to be computed/submitted.
  • Online evaluation: dynamically changing targets (recommendations submitted by the teams will actually be rolled out in XING’s live system).

Both phases aim at the following task: given a new job posting p, the goal is to identify those users that (a) may be interested in receiving the job posting as a push recommendation and (b) that are also appropriate candidates for the given job.

For both offline and online evaluation, the same evaluation metrics and the same types of data sets will be used. The offline evaluation is essentially used as an entry gate to the online evaluation:

  • The top teams (which also pass a XING baseline) will be allowed to participate in the online evaluation.
  • Winner of RecSys Challenge 2017 = Winner of the online challenge

A detailed description of the challenge can be found on the website of the RecSys Challenge 2017.
Accepted contributions will be presented during the RecSys Challenge 2017 Workshop.

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