Workshop on Emotions and Personality in Personalized Systems

The RecSys research community has done a tremendous job in the last decade on exploiting various data sources to improve recommendations through sophisticated algorithms. The workshop complements these core RecSys activities by pushing the agenda of taking into account user-centric aspects, such as emotions and personality, into the RecSys framework. In fact, personality and emotions shape our daily lives by having a strong influence on our preferences, decisions and behaviour in general. In recent years, emotions and personality have shown to play an important role in various aspects of recommender systems, such as implicit feedback, contextual information, affective content labeling, cold-start problem, diversity, cross-domain recommendations, group recommendations etc. With the development of robust techniques for the unobtrusive acquisition of emotions (e.g. from various modalities, such as video or physiological sensors) and personality (e.g. from social media) the time is right to take advantage of these possibilities to collect massive datasets and improve recommender systems.

  • Marko Tkalcic, Free University of Bolzano, Italy
  • Berardina De Carolis, University of Bari, Italy
  • Marco de Gemmis, University of Bari, Italy
  • Andrej Kosir, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Friday, Sept 16, 2016, 09:00-17:30


IBM (2217)

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