Workshop on the RecSys Challenge 2015

YOOCHOOSEIn this year’s edition of the RecSys Challenge, YOOCHOOSE provided a collection of sequences of click events; click sessions. The goal of the challenge was to predict whether a user is going to buy something or not, and if he is buying, what would be the items he is going to buy.
During this workshop, accepted contributions are presented.

Accepted Contributions
Rank Score Paper Title and Team Affiliation
1 63102 RecSys Challenge 2015: ensemble learning with categorical features
Yandex Data Factory, Russia
3 61075 E-Commerce Item Recommendation Based on Field-aware Factorization Machine
NetEase Youdao & Tsinghua University, China
4 60265 Two-Stage Approach to Item Recommendation from User Sessions
University of Toronto, Canada
5 59845 Solving RecSys Challenge 2015 by Linear Models, Gradient Boosted Trees and Metric Optimization
MTA SZTAKI & Technical University Budapest, Hungary
6 56944 Probability-based Approach for Predicting E-commerce Consumer Behaviour Using Sparse Session Data
NTNU & Telenor Research, Norway
7 55592 Purchase Prediction and Item Suggestion based on HTTP sessions in absence of User Information
Sharif University, Tehran, & RMIT University, Australia
8 54579 An ensemble approach for multi-label classification of item click sequences
Bogazici University & Bahcesehir University, Turkey
10 54403 Predicting User Purchase in E-commerce by Comprehensive Feature Engineering and Decision Boundary Focused Under-Sampling
POSTECH, South Korea
13 53341 Linear and Non-Linear Models for Purchase Prediction
Soochow University, China
14 51996 In-House Solution for the RecSys Challenge 2015
BGU, Israel
16 49517 Multi-Perspective Modeling for Click Event Prediction
17 49392 Neural Modeling of Buying Behaviour for E-Commerce from Clicking Patterns
IHPC A-STAR, Singapore & CMU, USA
  • David Ben-Shimon, YooChoose Labs, Israel
  • Michael Friedmann, YooChoose GmbH, Germany
  • Lior Rokach, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
  • Bracha Shapira, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Wednesday, Sept 16, 2015, 09:00-12:30


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