International News Recommender Systems Workshop and Challenge

This workshop intends to bring together researchers and practitioners around the topics of designing and evaluating novel news recommender systems in order to: (1) share research on news recommendation techniques and evaluation methodologies (2) explore key challenges in the area, and (3) identify emerging topics. Additionally, a challenge will allow participants to evaluate their method by directly interacting with a real-world news recommender systems. The challenge will feature a data set designed to bootstrap a news recommender system. During the weeks before the conference, we will record how well each participant’s system performs with respect to the ratio of clicks per recommendation request. The observed performances will be outlined. We will award the best performing systems. This workshop aims at creating an interdisciplinary community with a focus on the design issues for news recommender systems and promoting the collaboration opportunities between researchers and practitioners.

Challenge Organizers
  • Till Plumbaum (TU Berlin)
  • Benjamin Kille (TU Berlin)
  • Andreas Lommatzsch (TU Berlin)
  • Torben Brodt (plista GmbH)
  • Arthur Bucko (plista GmbH)
  • Tobias Heintz (plista GmbH)
Workshop Date

October 13, 2013 (08:30 – 13:15)



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